Accounting for Investors

Here at Voltage Accounting we focus on helping our clients build their businesses and grow their wealth. As such, we service business owners and individuals who predominantly invest in shares, managed funds and property. It's also no surprise to find a large number of our clients own an investment property or have their own self managed superannuation fund.

Minimise Your Tax Obligations &  Maximising Your Wealth

One of our major points of difference to traditional accounting firms is that we view the tax return as the start of the client process, not the end of the process. While we recognise the importance of tax returns and compliance, investors ultimately want to grow their personal wealth. Our role beyond compliance is to offer clients tax effective strategies to minimise their exposure to income tax and maximise their family wealth in the process.

Being a process it is ongoing and under constant review but the most common vehicles we use are negative gearing of both property and shares plus the establishment and maintenance of self managed superannuation funds. You'll find these areas have both become niche services within our accounting firm.

Tax Planning & Structures

In basic terms, tax planning is the process of legally arranging your financial affairs to minimise your exposure to tax, both income tax and capital gains tax on sale of the asset. Building wealth starts with planning and putting the right ownership and tax structures in place for your investments. The correct tax structure can reduce your tax liability and also potentially help split the income with family members. Legally reducing the amount of tax you pay is a key part of the wealth creation plan.

While structures such as family trusts can be used to distribute income to family members and provide asset protection, it is a complex area and we need to review your circumstances and objectives before we make a recommendation. This review usually takes into account issues like they types of assets you are purchasing, income splitting opportunities, asset protection, admission of new beneficiaries and discount capital gains tax concessions.

The types of investments now available to investors are very broad and our goal is to help you make an informed buying decision. You can read more about our negative gearing expertise on this site together with our self managed superannuation fund services.

In summary, we offer our investor clients a range of tailored financial, tax, accounting and financial planning solutions including:

•  Preparation of Income Tax Returns for Trusts, Partnerships, Companies & Individuals
•  Advice and Establishment of Alternate Business Structures
•  Registrations including ABN, TFN & GST
•  Software Selection to Track Investments including Rent Manager
•  Preparation of Finance Applications & Bank Submissions
•  Bookkeeping and Payroll Services
•  Tax Planning & Tax Minimization Strategies
•  Industry Benchmarking and KPI Management
•  Personal Financial Planning & Wealth Creation Strategies
•  Risk Insurances

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